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5 Digital Trends We Are Watching Out For This Year

2018 started only recently and we’re already in Mid of February. Time is moving too fast and so are the digital trends. With too many studies and so much research on the different marketing tools & technologies, it is very difficult for one to keep up with everything. So, to help you, here’s a list of 5 digital trends that we are watching out for in 2018:

  • Video Marketing: A recent study shows by 2020, 80% of the total internet traffic will be driven by video marketing, this is why many brands have already started incorporating videos in their marketing strategy.
  • User-Generated Content: Research shows that 66% of the customers trust other customer’s reviews & opinions on products & services, therefore brands are turning towards developing more and more user-generated content in order to boost their sales.
  • Interactive Content: Gone are the days when people were excited about plain text & photos on social media. Brands have now moved to more interactive content such as Polls, Gifs, Photo-live, Cinemagraph, Live videos etc.
  • Storytelling: Who doesn’t like a good story? Keeping this in mind, brands have started weaving stories into their marketing strategies so as to keep their messaging not only interesting but also something their consumers enjoy and wait for.
  • Chatbots: If there’s one thing customers hate, it is slow customer service as everyone wants their issues resolved quickly. Thanks to Chatbots, a live chat infused with artificial intelligence, customers can receive immediate responses to basic & frequently asked questions. Many brands have started employing Chatbots for their online reputation management.

Are there any digital trends that you are excited about in particular? Comment below and do let us know.