Shantonu Aditya Kick-starts Environment Drive in Manhattan Communications


08 Jun Shantonu Aditya Kick-starts Environment Drive in Manhattan Communications

What better way to promote environment than to become an active participant in an environment drive? This is exactly what our Director and Co-promoter, Shantonu Aditya had in mind for this years’ environment day.


 We all know that we have only one planet to live and if we don’t take care of the planet, it’s not the planet alone that suffers, it’s we ourselves who are going to bear the brunt of our actions. Hence it is our responsibility, not only to conserve the environment but to promote it.

Becoming a responsible citizen doesn’t require you to just raise your voice against the polluters or show concern for the animals, it begins with an action. No matter how small it is. Because as some wise man said, the journey to a thousand miles, begins with a small step. We have taken that step now, and we hope it covers many thousand miles in the coming years.

In his own words Shantonu Aditya, Co-Promoter & Director, Manhattan Communications says, “I have always felt very strongly about the environment. The environment has changed so much over the years. In my childhood we were so much more connected with the nature around us, but I rarely see that now. Today’s generation are missing so much about nature and our natural surroundings. I wish to bring back those golden days”.

Under the initiative of Shantonu, Manhattan has started an ‘adopt a sapling’ program in our office to promote importance of environment in work culture. The whole office has turned in for this noble cause and has contributed positively the drive.

About Manhattan:

Manhattan Communications India is a full-service digital agency with offices in New York, London, Dubai, Mumbai and Kolkata. The agency offers a real-time bidding platform for programmatic inventory buying, performance campaigns, and social media, and search, web and app development services.


Shantonu Aditya has a rich experience of more than 30 years in a number of businesses. Being the CEO of India operations, he focusses on global Online and Digital business.

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