Real Time Bidding

  • The digital advertising world today has come a long way since its conception, but even so, marketers face an overwhelming level of inventory and audience fragmentation.


  • Customers today have a plethora of options to record their interactions. They can choose from a variety of devices, media channels and a time of their choosing during the lifecycle of the brand.


  • We at Manhattan Communications collate data from all these interactions and help marketers to use the data ensuring an increasedeffectiveness in advertising by assigning a value to every impression. In this manner, we ensure that the marketer isn’t wasting resources advertising to prospects who will never have an interest in their brand, products or services.


  • In this manner, we deliver improved effectiveness to the advertiser which translates into an increased relevance for the consumer and greater revenue for the publisher.


  • At Manhattan Communications, we wholly understand and recognize the need for Real Time Bidding.

Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

  • When working with demand-side platform (DSP), we at Manhattan Communications handle the bidding and purchasing of auction-based online advertising on behalf of your company.


  • We provide you – our clients, the opportunity to access multiple ad networks all at once.


  • You as our client have to provide us with the advertisements, such as banner graphics, along with your desired target market or markets and your maximum budget while we use a DSP to identify advertising opportunities across multiple networks, finding the best prices for the most audience in your target demographic.


  • We then purchase those advertising spaces on your behalf until your budget is exhausted.


  • We understand that manually comparing and tallying advertising costs and expenditures across multiple, disconnected networks is time-consuming and can introduce errors or unnecessary extra costs. With this understanding, we strive to solve these problems by providing access to many advertising opportunities in one place, and often have dedicated employees to handle any manual tracking or bidding on clients’ behalf.

Supply-Side Platforms (SSP)

  • Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) is a combination of technology platform and managed service that service the supply side i.e. the publishers. This combination enables us to help publishers maximize their ad sales.


  • We at Manhattan Communications have strong relationships with large publishers who don’t want to deal with the complicated and shifting landscape of exchanges, advertisers and DSPs.


  • Our technology platform helps connect publishers’ sites to the widest range of advertiser demand such as ad exchange, ad networks and private marketplaces.


  • Besides these, we provide many more features for publishers. As a result, we have higher fixed costs than ad exchanges.


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