Industry Pundit Shantonu Aditya Reveals Why You Should Hire a Global Online Advertising Network

22 Dec Industry Pundit Shantonu Aditya Reveals Why You Should Hire a Global Online Advertising Network

Advertising is a classic and well proven way to earn money for publication, blog or site. The global online advertising network consists of minimum 39 percent of the market. There are many other advertising networks out there, with multiple offers which can bring amazing returns to your business with their communication at a low cost. Space is vast and it’s full of the unknown. Mistakes can attest to be very costly. You need experienced guides to steer you through the void. For the unexperienced, launching an ad campaign is scary. Covering unchartered territory, while marketing, branding and promoting your company can feel a lot like space exploration. Here are three reasons why you need to hire a global online advertising network.

  • Professional aid

A global ad network offers expertise in the different form as per the requirement to run a successful campaign. There are professional teams comprised of members who are experts in the fields of copywriting, design, social media strategy, web development, media buying, business development, and more. With experience comes wisdom, and the professionals of a global ad network are accustomed to use it in a right way. This experience helps in promoting your brand in an innovative way. It’s invaluable. Advertising professionals spend days in casting off resourceful ways to promote the clients brand. In a global ad network each member knows her/his job very well in delivering safe channel. Success comes when you footmark your territory in the online marketing world. A global ad network effectively broadcasts your presence, delivering the unique message to the target audience/ customers and also upcoming prospects, and help you grow your customer base.

  • Time and energy saving

Any global online advertising network believes in getting quick results. So, the ad network anticipates and solves problems so you don’t experience any emergencies. All the team members are skilled to finish their work before the given deadline while staying in the given budget. As most of your online business is promoted by the ad network, you get the leverage to dedicate this extra time to cater to your customers and build your business in an effective way.

  • Suitable communication

Its global ad network, and yes they do know almost all the important people in the market. They have got big connections. They know the right people to get you the best deals. For example; if you try to negotiate an ad placement with a media plan, they will help you get better deals. They act as a shield for those brands which exhibit foreign behaviours and questionable motives. They help in delivering not only the right type of message, but the most effective type message.

 About Manhattan:

Manhattan Communications India is a full-service digital agency with offices in New York, London, Dubai, Mumbai and Kolkata. The agency offers a real-time bidding platform for programmatic inventory buying, performance campaigns, and social media, and search, web and app development services.

Shantonu Aditya has a rich experience of more than 30 years in a number of businesses. Being the CEO of India operations, he focusses on global Online and Digital business.

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